Simply Elegant Ring


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As the title says, nice clean lines really makes this range. Listed are a stock range of stones but please enquire if you would like anything other, why not make it special with your own birthstone!

Sweeping silver lines set with a 3mm gem stone Clean flowing lines set with a gem stone makes

this a classic contemporary piece

Available with Clear CZ, Black CZ, Pink CZ, Tanzanite CZ, Blue CZ, Green CZ, Rubelite, Blue Topaz, Tanzanite

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Ring Size

J, J ½, K, K ½, L, L ½, M, M ½, N, N ½, O, O ½, P, P ½, Q, Q ½, R, R ½, S, S ½, T, T ½


Black CZ, Blue CZ, Blue Topaz, Clear CZ, Green CZ, Pink CZ, Rubelite, Tanzanite, Tanzanite CZ, White Topaz